Our Faculty Hosted the Regional Finals for the Oral Phase of the European Law Moot Court

Our Faculty Hosted the Regional Finals for the Oral Phase of the European Law Moot Court

In the period of 8-11 February 2018 the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law had a pleasure of hosting Regional Finals for the Oral Phase of the European Law Moot Court.  This prestigious competition is organized by ELMC Society established in 1988. This year, apart from our Faculty, the hosts of the regional finals will be the University of Edinburgh, Center for International and European Economic Law in Thessaloniki and Lucerne University. Upon completion of the regional finals, the grand final will be held in the European Court of Justice.
The official opening took place on 8 February in the Conference Room of the Faculty. Students from 12 participating universities (Hague University of Applied Sciences, University of Heidelberg, Edinburgh University, Lucerne University, Faculty of Law of University Babes Bolai, Helsinki University,  Aristotel University, Tartu University, Brussels University,  Assas University, Faculty of Law of the Lisbon University and Turin University) were greeted by Vice-Rector of Belgrade University Prof. Dr. Ivanka Popović, Dean of the Law Faculty Prof. Dr. Sima Avramović, Head of Master in European Integrations at the Faculty, Prof. Dr. Dragica Vujadinović, Mr. Raško Radovanović, on behalf of the sponsoring law firm Petrikić & Partners, whereas Dr. Milena Djordjević, Vice Dean for International Cooperation and Director of Center for Legal Skills moderated the program. In the end, the audience was addressed by Mr. William Valasidas on behalf of ELMC Society, who is also the director of communications of the European Court of Justice.
The general rounds were held on 9 and 10 February at the Faculty, whereas the final rounds were held on Saturday, February 10, followed by a cocktail reception for all participants. The winner of the Belgrade rounds was Faculty of Law of the Lisbon University, whereas the Hague University of Applied Sciences ranked second. The teams that qualified for the semi-finals were also: Faculty of Law of University Babes Bolai and Brussels University. The award for the best Commission Agent went to a student from the Hague University of Applied Sciences, whereas the second best Commission Agent came from Turin University. The semi-finalists were also students from Brussels University and Edinburgh University.
The rounds were judged, besides the professors and lecturers at our Faculty (Prof. Branko Rakić, Prof. Tanasije Marinković, Ass. Prof. Marko Jovanović, Ass. Stefan Dušanić and Ass. Marija Vlajković) by renowned professors and attorneys from EU and Serbia: Prof. Stefaan Van den Bogaert, Professor of European law and director of the Europa Institute at Leiden University Law School, Mr. James Flynn, Barrister practicing from Brick Court Chambers in London and Brussels and a Bencher Middle Temple, Mr. Hubert Monet, Head of the Legal Sector at the Legal Sector at the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency since 2006, Prof. Christa Tobler, Professor of EU law at the Universities of Basel and Leiden and  Mr. Erik Pijnacker Hordijk, partner and head of the EU law department of the law firm Pels Rijcken and Droogleever Fortujin in the Hague and Dr. Veljko Milutinović from Competition Commission of Serbia.
The organization of the Regional Rounds was reliably headed by Ms. Isidora Grabež, student at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law and former participant of the European Law Moot. She has been assisted in this demanding task by a group of student volunteers and Mr. Filip Bojić, lecturer and treasurer for RF and Ass. Prof. Dr. Milena Djordjević, Vice-Dean for International Cooperation and Director of Center for Legal Skills at the Faculty.

A Word of Welcome from the ELMC Society

On behalf of the European Law Moot Court Society, I would like to welcome you to Belgrade University Regional Final of the 2017-2018 European Law Moot Court!

I can assure you that the ELMC Society really takes great pride into having this Regional Final hosted in the capital city of Serbia, candidate Member State in active accession negotiations with the EU, and organized by Belgrade University which has its origins back in 1808, 210 years ago!

To the competing teams, I offer my warmest congratulations on being selected amongst the best teams that submitted written pleadings in this year’s Competition. The best Team & best Commission Agent at this Regional Final will have the honor to represent their University before the Court of Justice of the European Union and plead in front of the real EU Judges in March 2018.

However, you should all realize that to a large degree the purpose of the European Law Moot Court – which is to promote studies in European Union Law – has already been achieved. Think back for a moment over the uncountable hours that you’ve spent preparing your written and oral pleadings. I assure you that the depth of knowledge acquired through that preparation approaches that of any practicing lawyer in Europe. The experience you have acquired in preparing our Case, to be pleaded before the Moot Court, will help you tremendously in the future, when you will be working as a lawyer, judge, counsel, State or Institution Agent.

At this point, I would also like to take the opportunity to thank the members of Belgrade Regional Team and the Master of Moot Isidora Grabez for their efforts in organizing what I am sure will be an exceptional international event.

Last but not least, I wish to thank our Judges for accepting to sit on the panel, offering to all of us four entire days of their busy schedules. Without their contribution this event would not be possible.

Good luck, and remember to Moot, Meet & Compete!


European Law Moot Court Society, President