Organization and Management

The Dean and the Faculty Council  are the executive bodies of the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law.

Faculty Dean and Vice-Deans

The Dean is elected for a period of three years. He manages the work of the Faculty of Law. Beside the Dean, our faculty has four Vice-Deans: Vice-Dean for Academic Affairs, Vice-Dean for Finance, Vice Dean for International Cooperation and Vice-Dean for Scientific and Professional Work, as well as one student, Vice-Dean for Student Affairs.

The present Dean is Professor Dr. Zoran Mirković .


Dr. Zoran Mirković

Dr. Zoran Mirković

Vice-Deans are:

Vice-Dean for
academic affairs

Dr. Bojan Milisavljević

Vice-Dean for

Dr. Vuk Cucić

Vice-Dean for
scientific and professional work

Dr. Nina Kršljanin

Dr. Nina Kršljanin

Vice-Dean for
international cooperation

Dr. Jelena Lepetić

Dr. Jelena Lepetić



Faculty Council

The Faculty Council has 27 members, where 8 of which are appointed by the Government of the Republic of Serbia as the founder of the Faculty, and the rest are elected by academic staff (13), extracurricular staff (2) and student parliament (4).

The members of the Faculty Council are the following: Prof. dr Boris Begović, Prof. dr Goran Ilić (president), Prof. dr Nataša Delić, Prof. dr Milena Polojac (vice-president), Prof. dr Branko Radulović, Prof. dr Mirjana Radović, Prof. dr Danilo Vuković, Prof. dr Bojana Čučković, Doc. dr Miloš Jovanović, Doc. dr Miloš Zdravković, Doc. dr Vuk Cucić, Doc. dr Filip Bojić, Ass. Bojana Todorović,  Vanja Eror, Zoran Jojić, Natalija Adžić, Olivera Stanimirović, Novak Nedić, Čedomir Backović, dr Živojin Đurić, prof. dr Dragan Vasiljević, Nenad Vujić, Vladimir Marinkov, Vladimir Božić, Aleksa Škundrić, Igor Golubović, Nenad Kalčić

Professional Bodies

The Academic Council takes care of all aspects of the study and the issues of education and training. It is consisted of all the professors and other academic staff at the Faculty.

The Election Council is the one who is responsible for the selection of the academic staff.

The Scientific Council of the Institute takes care of the scientific research and publication of its results, as well as of preparing the projects and making the cooperation with other institutions and organizations.


The Secretariat performs administrative and technical tasks at the Faculty. The Secretary of the Law Faculty runs the Secretariat. He represents the Faculty in affairs conferred unto him by the Dean, drafts proposals for enactment, oversees the implementation of decisions adopted by Faculty bodies, directly coordinates the work of professional and technical services within the Secretariat etc.

The present Secretary of Faculty of the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law is Mr. Dragan Pavić, LL.B.

General Affairs Office

The General Affairs Office carries out a number of administrative and technical duties.

The Head of General Affairs Office is Mr. Miloš Sandić, LL.B.

Accounting Office

Accounting Office executes financial affairs of the Faculty.

The Head of Accounting Office is Ms. Branka Kokanović, economist.

Student Services

Students elect their representatives – the Student Parliament to coordinate various student activities, represent their interests in the Faculty bodies, participate in the evaluation of studies and the faculty, and secure the involvement and participation of students in all matters and issues of interest to them.

The Head of Office for the Student Affairs is Mr. Vladimir Kosovac, LL.B.

The Head of Office for the Postgraduate Studies is Ms. Ljiljana Marić.

The Officer in charge of International Cooperation is Ms. Ivana Rodić, LL.M.

Office of Information Technology

The Head of IT Department is Mr. Petar Pavlović, BS CS