Annual Conferences


Belgrade Arbitration Conference

Belgrade Arbitration Conference is an academic event annually organized by the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law since 2008. Every spring it gathers renowned experts in the field of arbitration law from various countries, around two or more panels, discussing pertinent issues of  International Commercial Arbitration Law. Working language of the Conference is English.

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IVRS Yearly Conference


International IVRS (Internationale Vereinigung für Rechts- und Sozialphilosophie) conference in legal and social philosophy is an annual event organized by the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law and the Serbian Association for Legal and Social Philosophy. The conference takes place in October, and it has hosted some of the most prominent contemporary legal theorists and legal philosophers: Andrei Marmor, Robert Alexy, Will Waluchow, Brian Bix, Kenneth Einar Himma, Pierluigi Chiassoni, David Duarte etc.

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Conference “Intellectual Property and the Internet”


As of 2015, Faculty of Belgrade hosts the conference “Intellectual Property and the Internet”. The conference is organized by the Foundation “Serbian national internet domains registry” (RNIDS) and the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade and it is supported by ICANN. After the conference, the University of Belgrade publishes the edited collection “Intellectual Property and the Internet”.

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Student Conference on Theory and Philosophy of Law


Student Conference on Theory and Philosophy of Law was first held three years ago on the initiative of professors from Cathedra for Theory, Philosophy and Sociology of Law. In response to  a lack of opportunity for Serbian students to participate in scientific work, Student Conference was designed to be a student-led long lasting project that would enable students to improve critical thinking, analytical skills, and argumentative writing. Participants are given a unique chance to conduct scientific work under guidance of a chosen professor, to present their papers at the Conference, and to discuss different topics in fields of theory and philosophy of law with fellow professors and students. Participants also have a great opportunity to publish papers in the Annals of the Faculty of Law in Belgrade.

Iustoria – International Student Conference on Legal History

The foundations for the Iustoria Student Conference were set in 2019, with the aim of promoting student research in the field of legal history. The working languages of the conference are Serbian and English, and students who are eligible to participate are undergraduates and postgraduates of law schools and other faculties of social sciences and humanities. The annual theme for the conference is chosen so as to cover as many historical periods and legal systems as possible, and apart from the presentations of students’ papers, there will also be guest keynote lectures by selected experts. The conference is held on the 25th of March, which is the anniversary date for the Serbian Civil Code of 1844, with the possibility of extending it for 1-2 days more, depending on the number of the applications.

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