Student Exchange

IMG_9479Student mobility implies attending a part of study program (one or more semesters) at a foreign university. Mobility can be organized during both undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

There are a lot of advantages for students who attended a part of their studies on mobility programs. Besides the inevitable acquaintance with various people and their cultures, students learn a foreign language, acquire new experience and, most importantly, have much better employment opportunities in the country and abroad. Going on a mobility program makes a student stand out from others and offers them advantages, which are always recognized by successful companies.

Student exchange implies that, during their studies at the University of Belgrade, students spend one or more semesters at a foreign university. For example, if you are a student on the second year of undergraduate studies and you have a chance to go somewhere for exchange on your third year, this means that you should attend lectures and take exams which are equivalent to the exams you would have taken that semester or year if you hadn’t applied for the exchange. If you pass all your exams during the exchange, the exams will be accredited to you (instead of the equivalent ones) and you will continue with your studies. If you spend your third year as an exchange student, you can enroll the fourth year when you get back (in case that you have passed the necessary exams). This means that there is nothing to lose, and you can get a lot.

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