Lecture "Nomos georgikos from a philologist's point of view" held in the club Forvm Romanvm

Lecture “Nomos georgikos from a philologist’s point of view” held in the club Forvm Romanvm

On May 10th, 2019 in the Forvm, Ass. Prof. Dr Il Akkad from the University of Belgrade Faculty of Philosophy, an expert for classical and particularly Byzantine Greek, held the lecture “Nomos georgikos from a philologist’s point of view”. He spoke about the Byzantines’ attitude towards language in general, about numerous manuscripts of this significant law and the difficulties in dating it, but the lecture was focused on the reasons why the Farmer’s Law is such an important text for philologists. Namely, it contains a large number of words that appear almost nowhere or even nowhere else in the rich collection of preserved Byzantine manuscripts. Although sometimes scribes’ errors are to blame, in the majority of cases rare words or word forms are present, which only opens even more questions regarding the origin of this law. Both lawyers and philologists were present in the audience, so the discussion touched upon the significance of cooperation for both disciplines, among other things.


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