Lecture "The Goring Ox in the Zakonopravilo of Saint Sava" held in the club 'Forvm Romanvm'

Lecture “The Goring Ox in the Zakonopravilo of Saint Sava” held in the club ‘Forvm Romanvm’

The first lecture of the club Forvm Romanvm in the summer term was held by Prof. Dr Milena Polojac on March 29th, 2019, with the subject of “The Goring Ox in the Zakonopravilo of Saint Sava”, in honour of the 800 years anniversary of Sava’s Nomocanon. The professor has described a highly specific institute of sanctioning the cases in which a goring ox kills another ox, a free man or a slave. Having originated in the laws of ancient Mesopotamia, this institute has further evolved in the laws of Moses, from which it found its way into the Nomocanon of Saint Sava, but with a very unusual modification – unlike the biblical text, which forbids the eating of the flesh of the slain ox, multiple manuscripts of the Zakonopravilo contain the provision that its flesh is to be eaten. Although it is impossible to reliably determine when did this change appear in the eldest Serbian legal code, and whether on purpose or by accident, Prof. Polojac has presented many interesting interpretations and hypotheses that have provided a sutitable field for further discussion.