Lecture "The Battle of Senta of 1697" held in the club Forvm Romanvm

Lecture “The Battle of Senta of 1697” held in the club Forvm Romanvm

On May 17th, 2019, Jovan Gašović from the Cultural-historical society “Jovan Muškatirović” from Senta and a professor of history in the Senta Gymnasium, held the lecture “The Battle of Senta of 1697”. After presenting the general circumstances of the Great Turkish War and showcasing the most relevant persons in this conflict, most of all Prince Eugene of Savoy and Sultan Mustafa II, Prof. Gašović spoke, in a dynamic and interesting manner, about the course and the aftermath of this significant battle, in which the Habsburg forces won a decisive victory and turned the tide of the war. Since the lecture was full of vivid details, many of them provided grounds for further questions from the audience – for example, how did Eugene of Savoy manage to cause such disproportionate losses to the enemy (between 15 and 40 thousand against only about four hundred) or how come Danish soldiers fought on the side od the Habsburgs.

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