Lecture "Plato's and Aristotle's critique of democracy" held in the club Forvm Romanvm

Lecture “Plato’s and Aristotle’s critique of democracy” held in the club Forvm Romanvm

After a break for the April exam term, the activities of the Forvm have been continued on April 19th 2019 with the lecture “Plato’s and Aristotle’s critique of democracy”, held by Prof. Dr Irina Deretić from the University of Belgrade Faculty of Philosophy. Prof. Deretić has explained the division of forms of government in the works of both thinkers, as well as the reasons because of which both of them had considered democracy to be one of the bad forms. Apart from the main subject, she has also made some critical remarks regarding the arguments of authors who see a tendency towards totalitarianism in Plato’s works. Despite the fact that the lecture was held at the same time as a large political gathering, because of which the center of the city was closed for traffic, the amphitheater was full, and other linked subjects were opened in the discussion – such as the significance of the verdict to Socrates for the evaluation of the functioning of Athenian institutions, or Plato’s attitude towards women.