Opening Ceremony – Master in European Integration

?Opening ceremony of Master in European Integration was held on Monday, October 23, 2017 in the Academic Forum of the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law. The Dean Professor Sima Avramović gave the opening address  to the new generation of MEI students, in which he accentuated an importance of MEI and a persistent high quality of this master study program. The Vice Dean Prof. Milena Đorđević explained what opportunities for Erasmus Plus exchange will be offered to MEI students. She also presented the courses which she has been holding at MEI. Other professors then  presented their courses.  The head of MEI prof. Dragica Vujadinović explained different substantive, administrative and technical issues, which are important for students to have in mind. She also spoke about the study trip, which has been offered to MEI students each academic year again, with a significant financial support of the international German foundation IRZ. The students also had an opportunity to introduce themselves and ask any questions they deemed relevant for their studies.