Forvm Romanvm: Dr Mile Bjelajac gave a lecture "Revision in Historiography"

Forvm Romanvm: Dr Mile Bjelajac gave a lecture “Revision in Historiography”

The last Forum lecture in this calendar year, on December 18, 2020, was given by Dr Mile Bjelajac, scientific advisor, director of the Institute for Recent History of Serbia. The topic of his lecture was “Revision in Historiography: Between the Scientifically Legitimate and the Political”. Emphasizing the need for occasional careful scientific revision of previously collected facts and established attitudes in science, Dr Bjelajac dedicated most of his lecture to the dangerous phenomenon of one-sided, political, tendentious revision of historical events. He gave many interesting examples of this phenomenon – for example, a negative view of the Kingdom of SCS / Yugoslavia in the historiography of communist Yugoslavia, but also the same tendentious view of the SFRY since the 1990s, or attempts to revise the causes of World War I and World War II, which are current again at the present (especially in the form of condemnation of nationalism and the representation of imperial powers as victims of nationalism), the portrayal of the Serbian liberation army in the First World War as a conquering one, etc. He also drew attention to the influence of sources outside historiography – political thought, literature, etc. – on the formation of historical consciousness in the people. The lecture inspired a lively and long discussion.