1. The Call is organized as part of the EU sponsored project “Academic network supporting the EU policy towards Western Balkans with emphasis on regional cooperation based on reconciliation – ANETREC” in which 10 universities and research institutions from Albania, Bosna and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo[*], Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, and Slovenia take part.

In the period 2019-2022 the Project’s partners will develop different common education and research activities dedicated to the EU integration of the Western Balkans, and to the processes of reconciliation in the region. One of the outstanding activities will be the ANETREC Summer School, which we plan to organise in July 2021 in Bitola, Northern Macedonia.

The ANETREC Project Coordinator is Professor Emeritus of the University of Maribor, Slovenia Silvo Devetak, the President of the Institute for ethnic and regional studies from Maribor. More information on the ANETREC Project is on web-page www.anetrec.eu.


2. The Call for student’s essays will provide young people with the opportunity to express their opinions on different aspects of the EU policy towards the Western Balkans with emphasis on regional cooperation based on reconciliation.

Particularly, it is commendable that students write the essays on the impact of the EU policy on the situation in their countries (justice; human rights and elimination of discrimination; freedom of religion; media freedom; the position of the civil society institutions and organisations; the impact on economy and socio-economic circumstances and other related topics. Students from Croatia and Slovenia are particularly encouraged to write the essays on what is in their opinion the current situation and what should be done by their countries within the EU policy towards the Western Balkans. The proposed topics for essays are listed in the Appendix 1.


3. We are pleased to invite the prospective authors to prepare essays between 3000-4000 words in English language, in line with the Technical guidance (see Appendix 3) and to submit them until 15 May 2021 to the professor responsible for the call at the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade: Prof. Dr. Dragica Vujadinović; dragicav@ius.bg.ac.rs


4. The Evaluation Commission at the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade consists of: Prof. Dr. Dragica Vujadinović, dragicav@ius.bg.ac.rs; Doc. Dr. Dalibor Djukić, dalibor.djukic@ius.bg.ac.rs; Assist. Marija Vlajković, marija.vlajkovic@ius.bg.ac.rs and they will review the essays, in due time.


5. The ANETREC Coordinator will invite five students from each partner University who got the best grades to participate in the work of the ANETREC Summer School, which we plan to convene in July 2021 in Bitola, North Macedonia.

The ANETREC Coordinator requested managements of the ANETREC partner Faculty to consider the possibility to treat the essays as a part of the existing teaching program and to mark them with adequate ECTS.

In addition, five (5) best evaluated students’ essays selected by the Editorial Board (see Appendix 2) will be published in the ANETREC project publication, which will be also presented and discussed at the ANATREC Summer School in Northern Macedonia.


6. The aim of the Summer School is to enhance critical debate, share views and ideas between students and professors regarding the most important questions referring to reconciliation and EU integration processes and to stimulate the development of further research among students and professors, and establish networking as well. The students will also have the opportunity to actively follow lectures which will be held by distinguished scholars and to present and discuss their essays.


7. Important dates:

  • Essay submission: deadline – 15 May 2021. Essays should be sent to the responsible professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade, Prof. Dr. Dragica Vujadinović; dragicav@ius.bg.ac.rs😉
  • The Evaluation Commission will review and grade the quality of essays until 31st of MAY 2021.
  • The professor responsible for the call at the Faculty (Prof. Dr. Dragica Vujadinović; dragicav@ius.bg.ac.rs) in cooperation with Coordinators of the ANETREC Summer School, will coordinate and organise, in the period May – July 2021, the participation of selected students in the ANETREC Summer School.
  • ANETREC Summer School is planned to be organised in July 2021.


8. For more information about the Call and Summer School, please contact the responsible professor at the Faculty (Prof. Dr. Dragica Vujadinović; dragicav@ius.bg.ac.rs).


[*]This designation is without prejudice to positions on status and in line with UN Security Council Resolution 1244 and the Opinion of International Court of Justice on the Kosovo Declaration of Independence.

ANETREC-APPENDIX 1- The list of suggested topics for writing essays