Our Students Win Second Place at the World Universities Debating Championship in Thailand

At the recently concluded World Universities Debating Championship, which took place in Thailand, our students achieved a tremendous success by reaching the tournament final in the open category (the main category).

At the 40th World Universities Debating Championship, Miloš Marjanović and Janko Đorđević of the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law achieved unprecedented success by reaching the Open Grand Final, coming out second. Over 1000 students from around the world participated in the Championship; most students participating in the Open category are native English speakers. Miloš and Janko were the second team ever to reach the Open Grand Final, without being native English speakers. On their way to the final, they beat teams from Melbourne, Oxford, Harvard, Yale, and in the Grand Final they debated against the teams from Oxford, Yale and the Macquarie University in Sydney.

Also, our student Đorđe Radosavljević and Marta Vasić of the University of Belgrade Faculty of Political Sciences made it to the quarterfinals of the ESL (English as a second language) category.

Apart from this enormous success, Miloš Marjanović ranked as the second best speaker of the championship in the ESL category, Janko Đorđević the fourth best in the ESL category, Marta Vasić placed fifth in the EFL (English as a foreign language) category, and Đorđe Radosavljević took the tenth place in this lineup.